Integrate Crypto Blockchains
On Your

Integrate blockchain infrastructure of several cryptocurrencies without intermediaries in your transactions or balances.

No Extra Fees

We do not interfere with your balance or the value of your transactions and invoices. All fees are miner transactions fees.

The Same Code

Integrate most used cryptocurrencies in the market with different types of blockchains using the same APIs.

No Funds Locked

Your key, your funds. You'll have access to the private key of all your cryptocurrencies, being the real owner of your balance.

Blockchain Based

We eliminate the need to install, configure, and maintain nodes.

Build and Release

Our infrastructure allows an easy way to create invoices and send transactions.

Easy to Use

Easy and reliable to use, our API system is ready for your next project.

Multiple Currencies

Accept over 20 currencies and a variety of tokens with just a few lines of code.

Great Features

As our service uses a pay as you go system, you have access to all the features of our APIs, regardless of how many transactions or invoices you make per day. Take a look at the pricing page for informations about credits prices.

How billing system works ?

Your account will have a credit balance which must be recharged periodically. In order to make an API request you must have a specific amount of credits.

How can I start using the service ?

To use our services you must first create your own account, purchase credits and have knowledge of how a REST API works so that you can add it to your website.

Is there a limit of transaction values ?

No, we do not manipulate, limit or interfere in transaction values or fees that you broadcast using our services. All balances and transactions are your responsibility.

Will more currencies be added in the future ?

As the application is in its growing stage & according to the development of our services with the loyalty that customer presents, we'll proceed to expand our portfolio of currencies.

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For more questions you can contact us at our email address, we will be answering any of your doubts.

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